Still eating up the festive goodies?  I’ve just found some more chocolate and am nibbling as I write…

Today I considered when to start eating sensibly again and how to do it.

Do you get bored with diets? Done the same thing over and over?  Is something new going to be any better?  Feeling grumpy already?

I’m going to divide my plan into two parts.


My ‘launch’ to reduce my paunch is to challenge myself to follow UK WWII rationing for a month.

My ‘booster rocket’ is going to be a modest plan to keep me within bounds.

Bounds that suit me – my tastes, my need for some variety and some treats.


Whatever your plan, a ‘launch’ phase followed by a realistic, less tough ongoing phase makes sense. You want some results fast, but you also want to stick to your plan long-term, and get back on track after parties, holidays and anything else that drives you off-course.

Plenty of vegetables, some fruit, and carbohydrate control are my mainstays.

Reducing the GI, reducing total carbohydrate, and reducing your eating times are the three main methods.  Having a shorter time between my first and last meal each day suits me better in winter than doing two low-calorie days.

Having three strategies means I can go from one to another every few weeks to reduce boredom.

Questions?  Leave a comment or write to me at lardertales at gmail dot com.

Kind regards, Anne