Some of the books I’ve read:

Agatston, Dr Arthur The South Beach Diet Headline Book Publishing 2003 (GB)

Allport, Susan The Queen of Fats – why omega 3s were removed from the western diet and what we can do to replace them University of California Press, 2007

D’Adamo, Dr James The D’Adamo Diet Health Thru Herbs 1989

D’Adamo with Allan Richards, Dr James One Man’s Food Health Thru Herbs (Toronto)1980

D’Adamo, Dr Peter Eat Right for Your Type

D’Adamo, Dr Peter with Whitney, Catherine Live Right for Your Type G P Putnam’s Sons 2001

Conley, Rosemary GI Jeans Diet Arrow 2006

Lustig, Dr Robert Fat Chance 0 the hidden truth about sugar, obesity and disease Hudson Street Press 2013

Atkins, Dr R Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution 1992 (Vermilion 1999 GB)

Denby, Nigel & Bair, Sue The GL Diet for Dummies John Wiley & Sons Ltd 2006

Harrison, Kate The 5 : 2 Diet Book Orion 2013

Leeds, Dr Anthony, Brand Miller, Prof Jennie,  Foster-Powell, Kaye & Colagiuri Dr Stephen The GI Factor Hodder & Stoughton 1996

Mosley, Dr Michael & Spencer, Mimi The Fast Diet Atria 2013

Pollan, Michael In Defence of Food  The Penguin Press 2008

Simopoulos, Aremis P (MD) & Robinson, Jo The Omega Plan Harper Collins 1998

Taubes, Gary The Diet Delusion Vermilion 2008 (US Good Calories, Bad Calories Alfred A Knopf 2007

Drs Eric Westman, Stephen Phinney & Jeff Volek New Atkins New You Fireside 2010

Wolcott, William L with Fahey, Trish The Metabolic Typing Diet Doubleday 2000


On my To Read and re-read list:

Miller, Daphne MD The Jungle Effect

Mosley, Dr Michael The Fast 800

Yeo, Dr Giles Gene Eating

Wrangham, Richard Catching Fire: How cooking made us human