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World War II Rations UK and healthy eating

Posted on 11 Jan 2020 In: Uncategorized

Last year I looked up rations for UK citizens during World War 2 out of curiosity.  It is often said that Britons were never healthier, although I’m not sure when we started measuring.  It crossed my mind that it might be an interesting idea to eat the ration for a period. Although rationing was necessary, […]

Book List

Posted on 16 Mar 2019 In: Uncategorized

Some of the books I’ve read: Agatston, Dr Arthur The South Beach Diet Headline Book Publishing 2003 (GB) Allport, Susan The Queen of Fats – why omega 3s were removed from the western diet and what we can do to replace them University of California Press, 2007 D’Adamo, Dr James The D’Adamo Diet Health Thru […]

Willpower and healthy eating

Posted on 7 Aug 2018 In: Uncategorized

There’s no doubt about it, mind-set makes a difference.  There are times when I know I need to cut myself a bit of slack, because sustained or big stress pushes us to eat. Boredom is easier to deal with – if you have a ‘to do’ list which has fun things as well as dull […]

Sugar, Fat, Salt?

Posted on 25 Feb 2014 In: Uncategorized

Have you felt the floor tilting under your feet lately? There are always stories popping up about what we should and shouldn’t eat, little shockwaves most of us have learnt to be skeptical about. But could this be something bigger? Is sugar worse for you than fat? I watched a television documentary on this not […]


Posted on 9 Apr 2013 In: Uncategorized

I’ve been away from this blog for QUITE some time, but have been learning and doing in the time between.  Healthy eating for families is my starting point, I really want everyone to set down at the table together eating the same food. I have made a breakthrough (one of these days I’m going to […]

Is My Metabolism under My Control?

Posted on 27 Nov 2010 In: Uncategorized

Well, here we are, all eating heartily in our house, and the kids are growing. Luckily, I’m not growing, but on the other hand I would like to lose a few pounds… The odd thing is, I haven’t put on any either. Having put on a fair few pounds in the last couple of years, […]

Food Supplements

Posted on 14 Apr 2010 In: Uncategorized

This is something I mentioned in my first post. Should I feed myself or my family any tablets and capsules as well as food? Family food doesn’t really sound like the kind of thing you add supplements to, but looking back, we were raised with some vitamin C from the health visitor as small children, […]

Oops again, I just re-read my statistics…

Posted on 12 Apr 2010 In: Uncategorized

I just read my post for 21 February, and have realised that my waist/hip ratio then was .77! If I do it now in centimetres, I get 0.79, rather than the 0.8 I get in inches, but this is a bit depressing all the same. Easter did become a bit of an excuse to stray […]

healthy food, healthy portions

Posted on 12 Apr 2010 In: Uncategorized

Ooh scary. I stepped on the scales at the pool on 23rd March, and though my BMI is still below 24, no weight shifted. Am I surprised? No, I just haven’t stuck to my low-carb plan. Too many days have been undone in the late afternoon with a couple of biscuits. However, spring is advancing […]

Tomorrow I step on the scales

Posted on 22 Mar 2010 In: Uncategorized

The whole point of my low-carb phase is that it is just that – a phase. Once I am back on course, I find the balance that suits me.

Unfortunately, every day I stray from the plan I make the phase longer. If I overdo the carbohydrate, then insulin is produced and extra calories get stored as fat. Avoiding overdoing the protein, I am eating fat for energy, and of course I don’t want to be storing it on my body