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One diet fits all?

Posted on 1 Jan 2019 In: Fats, Seasonal

One book that is definitely on my reading list this month is Dr Giles Yeo’s ‘Gene Eating’. We’ve all heard of or experienced success stories with diets, and seen very different diets work for various people. Yeo is asking us to be gentle on ourselves, and not afraid of food. He points out that we […]

The Fats of the Matter

Posted on 15 Jul 2010 In: Fats

Concerned about dietary fats? Why are fats we have been eating for centuries now controversial? What about the new fats that have been introduced in recent history? Which is better, butter or margarine?

Diet failure – beaten but un-bowed

Posted on 28 Jun 2010 In: Fats, General

What I do need to do is to prioritise my fats. Here’s my plan: morning for me is the time to get those omega 3s in the door – it seems clear that if these guys have to ‘compete’ with too much omega 6, they get left outside.

Fats shouldn’t be scary

Posted on 22 May 2010 In: Fats

We’ve eaten them for thousands of years; some are essential for our bodies. Fats hold onto flavours in a way that water doesn’t. We like the experience of eating them, but they have had a bad press in recent years. What do we know about fats? Have you ever watched butter melting on your toast, […]