One book that is definitely on my reading list this month is Dr Giles Yeo’s ‘Gene Eating’. We’ve all heard of or experienced success stories with diets, and seen very different diets work for various people.

Yeo is asking us to be gentle on ourselves, and not afraid of food. He points out that we have our idiosyncrasies (in a radio interview, he admitted being susceptible to pork scratchings, but not chocolate). He asks us to be aware of how we relate to food.

My current questions are: 1) how do we find a diet that suits us? and 2) how do we stick to or modify our eating pattern over time?

I hope to find some good insights in Dr Yeo’s book, as this was exactly what I was after in my Waistline book – helping people to find their own best route to a happy, healthy relationship with food.

I shall also be looking into the assertions of Aseem Malhotra and others – an opinion piece in a newspaper this autumn has stirred hot debate in academic and medical circles.  This seems to me worth looking at as Malhotra is a (London-based) cardiologist who is talking about the role of cholesterol and saturated fat.  Is the dietary advice routinely given in UK and US rather outdated?