There’s no doubt about it, mind-set makes a difference.  There are times when I know I need to cut myself a bit of slack, because sustained or big stress pushes us to eat.

Boredom is easier to deal with – if you have a ‘to do’ list which has fun things as well as dull things.  My favourite is to do a job outdoors, or go for a quick walk to re-focus.  Don’t eat, do something!

Misery and worry are difficult. There’s strength in numbers, so making some thoughtful, bite-size (sorry!) goals with a friend is a good way to start.

Starting is hard.  My Dad took a few years to give up smoking, but he did it in the end and stayed off.  He learned from every attempt.  Write down things you have learned about your eating habits and what works for you.  Knowing for example that you need to clear out the food you don’t want to eat (I used to keep croissants in the freezer, now I buy one on very rare occasions for a treat).

Dropping off the wagon is also hard.  DON’T beat yourself up.  Stop, plan tomorrow.  It happens to so many of us, don’t let it do bigger damage by giving up.

I think the main foundation for sustaining a good diet is to know that your eating plan is healthy and works for you, while knowing your strengths and challenges. To know yourself is to help yourself, while being disappointed with yourself is no place to dwell.

Get knowledgeable about both how your body deals with food, and your mind with eating choices, and you are in a strong position to do well in the long-term, and remember we all have blips.